Paintedwithsound can best be described as a meeting place which aims to provide an opportunity for artists – often with vastly different training and experience – to come together and work on new ventures.

The loosely knit group of people it caters for is not unlike a band, but one that often changes its members from one performance to he next. We aim to make the outcome of every undertaking accessible to the public, as an exhibition or event,  a published piece of work or both.

The very first encounter was initiated by a visual artist, who wanted to join paint with sound, a simple enough gesture that gave name to this space in the process. It also became the moment where we realised that an infinite number of other leaps were possible: ways in which we, by connecting different art forms  could  address topics or construct narratives in ways that had never been done before.

That in reality has become  the aim and purpose of our undertakings.

As for this website, we hope to list and comment on new work in the order it arises and provide you with a point of contact.