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The sculptural project ‘Forårs Fabrikken’ (2017), which is largely made from birch ply and birch veneer, started its life as an extended series of small paper/ cardboard models. To translate these ideas into something tangible required access to a modern carpentry workshop, with a range of good tools. The Danish Arts Workshop, where a substantial part of the production ended up taking place, has publish an article about the piece online:


A three-part landscape piece, The Suitors (2015) was imagined through a number of small models from which a final version was chosen and scaled up. Preparations happened over spring, as a whole array of items were produced and then flat-packed, only to be shipped and assembled on site shortly before the opening of the summer exhibition it was destined for. The outdoor show itself generated a good deal of interest. A brief mention of the piece appears in a review published by a Danish online magazine www.Kunsten.Nu. To read it in full, please follow this link: (spelling mistake in the artists last name)

The Danish Arts Workshop, where a majority of the production took place has published a number of articles online. Links to the two most extensive ones, both by Julie Salling Lind can be found below:


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