Welcome to this new, updated version of the Painted with Sound website

For quite a while we have wanted to add new features the old site and make it more accessible. This could alas not be achieved by simply adjusting a few items, but required a general overhaul.

By taking on the challenge, we hope to have achieved the kind of setup that can be built on, at least in the foreseeable future.

Each project now has its own folder on the homepage. Here you can find writings about the pieces, published documentation-be it books or DVDs- and links to retailers stocking our products. You will also in some folders find links to films we have produced. They are documentaries and can be seen for free.

In others you may encounter soundbites, alternative takes or extracts taken from the scores used in projects we have undertaken.

The largest change however is that each project now has a good selection of images: large enough to whet your appetite, but perhaps too slim for you to get the full picture. For that you will still have to turn up next time we launch a project!

On the banner or streamer at the bottom of each page, you may have noticed a small appeal: it is because we need your support, if this website is to be kept running and updated.

What we suggest is that you may consider becoming one of our sponsors. It would mean the world to us! In return we have a few things we can offer in return:

Updates, invitations to openings of new projects and (not least) a chance to acquire a signed print: a black and white digital photograph, printed on archival Hahnemuhle paper.

We have chosen an image from the project ’to Dust,’ the photograph that covers the printed edition which can also be found on the homepage. The photograph will be printed in A4 format and will be signed and dated by Anders Rindom who took it.

We have set sponsorship at a fixed rate: £60 (including postage and packaging). We hope this sounds like a fair proposition.

Please email us should you be interested.